Blackboard Ally alternative formats interface showing various download options for content

Automatically generate alternative formats to download

Blackboard Ally for Websites now offers automatically generated alternative formats for your website content and any embedded or linked files to give your users added flexibility and choice.

Beeline Reader

Enhanced version for faster and more focused on-screen reading.


Makes scanned documents searchable and more readable. Reduces file size.

Tagged PDF

Structured PDF for improved use with assistive technology.


MP3 version for listening on personal devices and in more contexts.


For reading as an e-book on an iPad and other e-book readers.

Electronic braille

BRF version for consumption on electronic braille displays.


For viewing in the browser and on mobile devices.

Translated version

A machine translated version of the original document.

Customize the prominence

Blackboard Ally for Websites offers three choices to the way Alternative Formats are launched. You can choose between small and medium floating flags positioned on the right edge of your web pages or show a full-width bar found at the very lower portion of the page.

Actionable accessibility reporting

Use your Website Accessibility Report to automatically check your website content for accessibility issues against our accessibility checklist based on key areas of the WCAG 2.1 A.A. standard.

Detailed awareness

See an overall overview of your website or a report by (sub)domain.

Pro-active problem solving

Help identify where problem areas are, what to focus on and where to target.

Track progress over time

Find out where issues can be found. Prioritize issues by severity and drill into individual issues.

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