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Making course content accessible

Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on using inclusivity, sustainability and automation as its key pillars. Helping you understand and tackle accessibility in a way that benefits all students.

Close and seamless integration

Raise awareness and visibility of accessibility by integrating directly into the Learning Management System and existing workflows.

Accessibility checklist

Automatically checks course materials for common accessibility issues, including many WCAG 2.1 AA rules.

Proactive approach

Pro-actively tackle accessibility and target both instructors and content to maximize results.

Benefits all students

A unique inclusive approach to accessibility that focuses on improving the quality and usability of course materials for all students.

Accessibility spectrum

Move your institution up on the accessibility spectrum through Ally’s 3-step approach of automation, instructor engagement and measuring performance.

Blackboard Ally alternative formats interface showing various download options for content

Alternative formats

Advanced machine learning algorithms automatically provides all students access to:

Immersive Reader

Aid reading comprehension and grammar skills. Internet required.

Beeline Reader

Enhanced version for faster and more focused on-screen reading.


Makes scanned documents searchable and more readable. Reduces file size.

Tagged PDF

Structured PDF for improved use with assistive technology.


MP3 version for listening on personal devices and in more contexts.


For reading as an e-book on an iPad and other e-book readers.

Electronic braille

BRF version for consumption on electronic braille displays.


For viewing in the browser and on mobile devices.

Translated version

A machine translated version of the original document.

As an institution with a school of education and a very heavy focus on Universal Design for Learning and accessibility, we have faculty who also are really interested in [Ally], interested in building it into what they do. – Heather Tillberg Web, Associate Provost, Systems, Planning & Administration Read blog post keyboard_arrow_right
Blackboard Ally interface for instructors highlighting content preview and feedback for improving content accessibility

Instructor feedback

Guide instructors on how to improve the accessibility of their course content and alter future behavior.

Accessibility indicators

Provide feedback to instructors about the accessibility of their content all embedded in the context of their course.

Simple guidance

Provide guidance on how to fix accessibility issues and generate a change in behavior 
over time and at the point-of-need.

Instructor course report

Provide an overall course score and ways to quickly address course files at scale, raising engagement and deepening skills.

The biggest problem has always been getting to faculty and getting them to fix the problem before it happens, getting them to understand what accessibility means. Ally gets to the faculty where they are at, and gives them the information in small digestible bites, which is really important. – Lucy Greco, Accessibility Evangelist, UC Berkeley Read blog post keyboard_arrow_right

Institutional report

Provides institution-wide reporting on course content accessibility and drive further improvements at the institution.

Detailed awareness

Provide a detailed understanding into how your institution is doing in an instant.

Pro-active problem solving

Help identify where problem areas are, what to focus on and where to target.


Export your data and benchmark over time with usage data helping highlight engagement and inform wider initiatives.

Ally provides a 30,000 foot view of accessibility... that allows you to see where you’re at, where the problem areas are, and then allows allocation of resources and training to those areas. – Jared Smith, Web AIM

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